Why Consulting?

When you consult with The Aust Group, we first analyze your company. We look at efficiencies and areas that could use improvement. Next, we tailor a comprehensive business-consulting package based on identified areas of need and interest. These packages will empower and inspire your executives, management team, sales force, and your entire staff. Our goal is to optimize your work performance and institute best business practices for your company. Let us create a consultation package that best suits your company.

How We improve your business

Listed below shows several areas we help businesses operate to their full potential. First, we analyze your business to see where we can make improvements to increase efficiency. Then, we use our 25+ years of experience to provide the best consultation where we see most fitting. If your business needs consultation, check out the following packages below.

Management Team

  • Leadership Development
  • Efficiencies
  • Profitability
  • Accountability

Sales Team

  • Sales Cycle & Pipeline
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Value Added Opportunities
  • Marketing

Entire Staff

  • Customer Service
  • Service Knowledge
  • Team Building
  • Best Practices

create your own Consultation Package

Don’t see a package above fitting your needs? Contact us below to create your own package and for more information.


In Mergers & Acquisitions Experience

With $100 million worth of transactions in M&A, The Aust Group  is experienced.


Listed as a PCT Top 100 Business

The Aust Group gives you the proven guidance from a ten time PCT Top 100 management team.


Years in the Service industries

Operating in a service industry for over 25 years, The Aust Group brings proven expertise in leadership, marketing, sales, and customer service. 


Top 5,000 Company out of 27,000,000

The Aust Group previously owned business was listed in Inc. Magazine for being in the Top 5,000 in the Nation

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