Why Mentoring?

If your hard work does not translate into profitable returns, your staff possesses low morale, or your turnover exceeds what you expected, then why not learn from those who have been in your shoes and can advise you to improve your efficiency? With our Mentorship Program, we offer one-on-one coaching meetings either in person or via phone and videoconferences to help improve your skill sets and take your business to the next level. Through our Mentorship Program, you glean first-hand wisdom and leadership secrets from our business gurus.

For More Information

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In Mergers & Acquisitions Experience

With $100 million worth of transactions in M&A, The Aust Group  is experienced.


Listed as a PCT Top 100 Business

The Aust Group gives you the proven guidance from a ten time PCT Top 100 management team.


Years in the Service industries

Operating in a service industry for over 25 years, The Aust Group brings proven expertise in leadership, marketing, sales, and customer service. 


Top 5,000 Company out of 27,000,000

The Aust Group previously owned business was listed in Inc. Magazine for being in the Top 5,000 in the Nation

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