Mergers & Acquisitions

Why M&A with The Aust Group?​

We understand how important your business is to you. That is why selecting an experienced and trusted Mergers and Acquisitions firm to represent your selling interests couldn’t be more critical. It will be the most important decision you make, next to your decision to sell. The Aust Group knows firsthand the Mergers and Acquisitions process from both the sell and buy side. During our 25 years in business, we purchased multiple companies before selling. We will be committed to evaluating your company to your advantage and targeting strategic acquirers that will result in a lucrative transaction and seamless transition.

Buy Side

There are numerous ways to grow your company, but there is no better way than by acquiring another business. By doing so, you obtain a larger market share and reduce your competition. The Aust Group analyzes potential target firms based on profitability, synergies, efficiencies, and other financial instruments to ensure maximum return on your investment and immediate growth to your company.

Sell Side

If you are looking to cash in on your most valuable asset, The Aust Group can help. We can lead you through the acquisition process and ensure you receive top value for your firm. The Aust Group, has built years of unique relationships in the service industry and will match your company with culturally like-minded and strategic acquirers.


In Merger & Acquisitions Experience

With $100 million worth of transactions in M&A, The Aust Group is experienced.


LISted as a PCT Top 100 Business

The Aust Group gives you the proven guidance from a ten time PCT Top 100 management team.


Years in the Service industries

Operating in a service industry for over 25 years, The Aust Group brings proven expertise in leadership, marketing, sales, and customer service. 


Top 5,000 Company out of 27,000,000

The Aust Group former business was listed in Inc. Magazine for being in the Top 5,000 in the country.

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